A New Start

In August, we found out we could try again for IVF. I began the stimulation injections toward the middle of August. The injections consisted of numerous shots daily I would take in my stomach. These medications were to grow numerous follicles at one time, hopefully growing eggs in them! The first couple of days I felt rather normal. By the middle of the week I was feeling very bloated and uncomfortable. Overall the injections weren't terrible and I knew it was worth it for the end goal. My stomach had a ton of black and blue bruises and knots from the injections. I learned a couple tricks on the way. Putting a pack of ice on the injection site about 10 minutes before helps. Also, pinching the skin made a big difference! When doing the injection, fast is best, so like a dart versus slow. 

Throughout the week I went to see our doctor several times to check on things. Everything was progressing the right way, and all the follicles were growing nice and even!

My egg retrieval surgery was scheduled for August 29th. I was put under anesthesia so I couldn't eat the night before or morning of. Dale and I got to the surgery center first thing in the morning. we live about 50 minutes from the center, about half way there my low tire air light came on! Once we made it to the center the tire was flat! What a morning!

The retrieval itself wasn't awful. I was nervous going into the surgery room because they had me awake and walking into the room. I was still awake when they put bands around my legs and all the big bright lights were on. Finally, they administered a medication to help with my anxiety. Within seconds, I was out. I woke up back in the room with Dale and was immediately in pain. They were able to give me something for that, a heating pad, and I even got up to pee!

The doctor came in and talked to us about how it went. Most woman may have 5-7 mature eggs that are sent to the lab. I had 29 eggs! No wonder I was hurting! Out of those 29 eggs, 25 were mature. So, 25 eggs measured large enough to be fertilized. The eggs had been sent to the lab and the next week would be a lot of waiting and wondering. We would find out the next day how many of the 25 eggs were fertilized. Then after 6 days we would find out how many of the fertilized eggs grew to be a certain size blastocyst. Those are what would be transferred back in hopes of becoming pregnant down the road.

 Before I knew it we were on our way back home. After we had the tire fixed that is.

Recovery was a bit worse than I anticipated. I had fluid build up causing pain and prolonging my recovery time since I responded so hard to the drugs. It was several weeks before I was feeling back to normal. It is so crazy to us what science is able to achieve these days. We are so lucky to live in a time that we have options, ones that didn't exists years ago.