Jarred + Katie James River Engagement

I LOVE this couple, they are such rays of sunshine! Jarred had Katie laughing and smiling the entire session! There's one picture in particular, you can see both of them smirking right before a kiss, seriously my favorite EVER! The way Jarred looks at Katie, you can just tell how much he adores her. I am already so, so excited for their wedding next year!

Jarred and Katie met during high school at a church camp, kept in touch and a friendship turned into a relationship. They dated long distance throughout college and ended up back in Richmond together! A year and a half later Katie took a job in North Caroline while Jarred stayed in Richmond for his. FINALLY, after another year apart they are both in Richmond for good!! :) I LOVE relationships that work through everything and are able to make their dreams come true!!! Love conquers all!