IVF with ICSI!


In June we officially started our IVF part of the journey! It was very hard to hear in 2016 that was the best and very possibly only way we would conceive. I remember that day like it was yesterday, as soon as IVF came out of the doctors mouth the lump in my throat formed, I was frozen and my eyes couldn't even cry. I'd always known this could be a possibility, but it was the first time I was told it was likely the only way.  It was a long, silent ride home. I am very lucky to have someone by my side who knows the type of support I need when I am in shock and allows me to grieve in my own ways. For someone who has wanted nothing more than to be a mama since I was a small child, it was heartbreaking. We've always dreamed of at least 6 sets of little feet running through the house, a big family was always part of it!

But, after my heart had time to heal I was excited again! I am forever grateful for modern medicine and the options we have in this. It's amazing to know this is not the end of our road!

Starting this new path meant redoing all bloodwork and some tests. Due to our severity and limited time the doctors worked us in and had the ball rolling! All tests revealed the same things as before. I did one new test called HSG (hysterosalpingogram). This was X-Ray based test. I was not prepared for how painful this would be. It was an outpatient procedure at the hospital. A catheter (with a balloon that inflated on the end) with was inserted into the cervix. The catheter was inflated and dye was pushed through the uterus and fallopian tubes. This test was to show if there were any blockages or an odd shaped uterus. It all came back CLEAR! One less hurdle to jump! It was a lot more painful than I was prepared for, but the pain stopped right after the procedure. Overall, it took maybe 5 minutes, and I was able to recover from home the rest of the day!

Now for IVF I needed to start birth control for a couple weeks to keep my body regulated before starting medication and retrieving eggs. Then I go back in for another ultrasound and bloodwork to make sure my hormones are low and ready to go! After 2 weeks on birth control I went in for bloodwork, my estrogen was way to high. It needed to be under 50, it was over 200. I also had a large simple cyst on one ovary that would prevent starting. I had to go back on birth control for another week to see if we could salvage doing IVF for July. We are on a tight time crunch since we don't know if the male factor may become more severe than it already is! We are super hopeful this extra week will do the trick!

Once we get the green light, I will take several injections a day to stimulate my body to create extra eggs but prevent me from ovulating. The doctor sent over my injection prescriptions to the fertility pharmacy today! I'm nervous to see all of the medications that will arrive!